grace that restores visions and dreams
— Israel & New Breed

A word from our founder, Megan Blum, about why she began Revive Yoga:

This wonderful adventure began years ago with my love for movement in dance. My life was entirely wrapped up in dance, it was everything to me. I believed I was nothing without it. 

As I was thriving in my dance studies in college, enjoying my days full of technique classes and rehearsals, a seed of discontentment began growing within me. 

I was craving more.

Through this discontentment, injury, and my college funding sources abruptly running dry, I was forced to stop school and to stop dancing. I felt like my world was collapsing around me. My house was built on sand and the foundation was crumbling. 

7 years later, I look back on my life and see God’s kindness in allowing my world to fall apart so He could rebuild it on solid rock. My life is now built on Him, His goodness to me, His rescuing me. New storms have since come and this foundation has stood firm. 

I am free.

It’s in this security and freedom that God is making way to revive my old dreams and love for movement and physical wellness by combining it with the inner health and peace I’ve found in Him.

I now live my life close to God in all I do. It’s my dream to share with you this closeness, this intimacy. My greatest hope for Revive Yoga is to make each class a place where we don’t stand at a distance from God any more, but draw near to Him. 

God has written a story for my life that is significantly better than anything I could have ever imagined.


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