Adaptive Yoga is

a yoga practice for people with various disabilities, injuries, chronic illnesses, or other special needs. Adaptive Yoga approaches are appropriate for students who need more assistance to access a yoga practice than is typically offered in a general yoga class. Revive Yoga's Adaptive Yoga classes are particularly geared toward individuals with developmental disabilities. Our Adaptive classes are a safe space for individuals to seek wellness for the body, mind, and soul. Yoga poses provide sensory regulation through movement and focused breathing. All students are treated with the dignity and respect they innately poses and everyone is given the freedom to be themselves.  

Megan, our Adaptive Yoga teacher, has spent years working  in the classroom at autism specialized schools and has had a lifetime full of joy brought by friends and family with developmental disabilities. Her heart is truly for individuals with differing abilities. Her life experience and yoga expertise make her a gifted Adaptive Yoga teacher. Learn more about her story here.


Revive Yoga is looking to expand our Adaptive Yoga classes! If you would like to collaborate with us or have a space where you'd like to host an Adaptive Yoga class, please contact us